Our Story


There are so many amazing vineyards in the Prescott Arizona, and Yavapai County Area. It only makes sense to bring a service to the local community that provides safe rides to all the amazing winery’s in the area.

Our Goal is to ensure a Safe way to enjoy the local vineyards and provide proffesional designated drivers to all the stops!

Our History


Rebekah and Ross

We are locally owned and operated but are originally from Austin, TX. There, we enjoyed a similar experience of hopping on a shuttle to Fredericksburg, the wine country of Texas.

We could taste all the wine we wanted without worrying about who will be the designated driver?!? So why not bring this same experience to our lovely city of Prescott!

The tour guide is Rebekah, a hairdresser by trade, but a tourist at heart and the Driver is Ross, a master mechanic by trade and the perfect person to have as the driver! Rebekah has toured wineries or sat in on tastings from Texas to New York City to France and Italy…  Arizona’s wine seems like the next logical step and it is delicious!

So please join us and let us take you to discover the beautiful countryside and sip some amazing local wines!

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